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UL Local Directory
Get UL Listings or Classifications or verify a UL Listed product.

Online Directories Get ULC Listing or Classification or verify a ULC Listed product at the ULC Online Directory Web Site.

Visit Factory Mutual's Web-based Approval Guide (registration required) which contains up-to-date information about FM-Approved and tested products. It also includes essential engineering data and technical information on the application and use of listed products.

View Listings

CSFM - California State Fire Marshal (CSFM Listings) Listing Numbers for products approved and listed by the California State Fire Marshal. To view a listing, click the Listing Number. For more information on CSFM listings, refer to the SFM Building Materials Listing Program page. City of Chicago
S3 Fire Alarm Panel, Class 1

MEA listings by MEA number and Manufacturer
Go to the New York City the Department of Buildings MEA Web Site and browse or search for Gamewell, Fire Control Instruments, or Gamewell-FCI MEA listings.