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Whether you’re the engineer, building owner or facility manager, are you committed to the safety and general welfare of those located in and around your building?
Do you have the appropriate systems, policies, and strategies to maintain a safe environment?
Are you confident that the people in your charge are well protected in the event of an emergency?

The public demands systems to be put in place to protect them from un-defendable situations. Due to recent violent crimes, natural disasters, and other emergencies and crises, conducting a thorough and systematic plan to prepare for and manage emergencies is critical. Although many security directors, facility managers, building owners, engineers and school administrators are still unclear on how to effectively prepare and communicate critical information in case of an emergency.

Join us for an in depth review of Emergency Communications and learn how recent code updates such as the Standard on Disaster / Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, (NFPA 1600) can help you to devise a comprehensive plan or determine if you have the right plan and systems in place. During this half-day session we will also include a breakdown of the new UL 2572 Standard to ensure your Emergency Communication System meets the requirements for survivability and supervision, in order to provide building occupants with clear directions in the case of an emergency.

Learn about new technology that offers a complete approach for clear emergency notifications. Solutions that utilize outdoor sirens, broadcast e-mails, text messaging, phone calls, computer pop-ups and visual signage to provide better protection and respond to emerging threats more effectively.

Special Guest Speaker: Thomas Von Essen 30th Commissioner, New York City Fire Department

Commissioner Tom Von Essen will join us in a discussion on the importance of real-time emergency communication systems to inform, warn, and direct people to take shelter, relocate or evacuate in the face of a threat to life.

Bio: Thomas Von Essen served as thirtieth Fire Commissioner of New York City from April, 1996 until January 1, 2002. Before becoming fire commissioner, he spent nearly three years as president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, the largest firefighters union in the nation. Mr. Von Essen joined the fire department in 1970 and was assigned to Ladder 42 in Bronx, where he spent most of his firefighting career.

Stay up-to-date with the industry while earning (4) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.

Join us at one of the following cities to find out more about this important topic and how to better protect those around you.

Date Location Hotel Information
May 8 East Elmhurst, NY New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott >
May 9 Greenbelt, MD Greenbelt Marriott >
May 15 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway >
May 21 Quincy, MA Boston Marriott Quincy >
Morning session runs from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Optional Lunch Session available! Do you have time for lunch? We invite you to stay for lunch while we provide a brief 20 minute overview of the latest in touch-screen technology. The S3 Series®, Smart + Simple Small Addressable Fire Alarm System is the first in its class to offer an intuitive, user-friendly, touch-screen interface, making fire alarm panel operation and system maintenance a breeze.

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A total of (4) four Continuing Professional Development Credits (CPD) will be awarded upon
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