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 Mass Notification - Getting It Right the First Time
  A Fire Protection Engineering magazine Webinar

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Duration: 60 Minutes

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Do you hesitate in targeting jobs that require integrated Giant Voice communications?

Are you comfortable with integrating both wide area and distributed recipient communications into your Emergency Communication Solution?


You understand the importance of emergency preparedness, now it's time to become familiar with the specifics of Mass Notification. In this session we will explain the critical changes and requirements of Chapter 24 of NFPA 72-2010. We will cover the specific standards that dictate the design, operation and interfaces required for Mass Notification as outlined by the Department of Defense’s UFC 4-021-01 document.

A complete Mass Notification System includes not only an interior Emergency Communication System, but more and more applications require Wide Area, or Giant Voice communication. Additionally, schools, universities and other campus settings rely heavily on distributed recipient communications through the use of cell phones, texting and pop-up computer screens.

Upon completion of this webinar you will learn the following key elements of a true Emergency Communication System:

  • How to address integration and interoperability of indoor, outdoor and personal wireless devices for campus or facility wide communications
  • Understand the importance of net-centric communication
  • How to provide multiple layers of personal and public alerting
  • Understanding Intelligibility Standards dictated by Chapter 18 and 24 of NFPA 72-2010
  • Designing voice and Mass Notification Systems to achieve maximum Intelligibility
  • Discover how to overcome emergency system obstacles and find simple solutions to meet Mass Notification requirements
  New technologies have been developed to deter and respond to emerging threats more effectively. Join us to find out more about this important topic and how these changes could affect you.

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