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Wall-mounted Alert Beacon




 “IP-Based Localized Emergency Notification”

Are You Confident That Emergency Messages Will Be Received By ALL Facility Occupants?

Are You Under the False Impression That Your Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System Will Safely Protect All the People in Your Building?

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We Have Your Solution!

Every facility and its occupants are different, but the goal of grabbing attention and getting the right message to the right people at the right time is universal. Schools, universities, business complexes and other campus settings increasingly look to Distributed Recipient Mass Notification Systems (DRMNS) via cell phones, texting and pop-up computer screens for messaging. But such systems are inherently imperfect—they are not always switched on, accessible or intrusive enough to get the message across.

Alert Beacons offer reliable emergency communications when conventional methods of email, cell phones, and landline phones are too slow or fail due to bandwidth limitations. One or more Alert Beacons in each building can rapidly speed up dissemination of critical information, ensure message accuracy, and offer alerting solutions to the deaf or hard of hearing. What’s more, integrating localized emergency notification devices into your in-building MNS solution will provide a robust multi-channel emergency communications system that is both dependable and reliable.

Our recent partnership with Alertus Technologies, the IP-based MNS leader, brings unique integrated ECS solutions that tie to our E3 Series® System, as well as popular DRMNS software packages. A great solution for all types and sizes of facilities, Alertus products include wall-mounted Alert Beacons, computer desktop alerting, digital signage override, and text-to-speech interfaces to PA/Fire systems. Alertus' reliable, affordable endpoints are interoperable with all major wide area MNS installations as well, enabling unified notification facility-wide.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Alertus Technologies product line and how it’s truly unique. Learn how to integrate unified notification as a winning component to increase the effectiveness of your Mass Notification System.

Discover solutions using embedded text-to-speech technology as a bridge to customized messaging
Transform standard digital signage & cable TV systems into intelligent emergency alerting devices
Find out about communication by Ethernet/Power Over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi, FM Radio or RF Paging
Learn about in-building alerting solutions when an in-building MNS system is not an option
Who Should Attend?
Architects, Building Owners, Emergency Communications Personnel, End-users, Engineers, Facility Managers Fire Alarm Distributors, Public Safety Directors

Earn Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD)
All those that attend the IP-Based Localized Emergency Notification Webinar in its entirety are entitled to receive (1) Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD) for participating
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