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Gamewell-FCI’s catalog of data sheets by product category.

Engineering & Applications Catalog

Analog and Networking – E3 Series®

Analog and Networking – 7100 Series™

Software Services

Analog and Networking – Identiflex™ 600 Series

Analog and Networking – Identiflex™ 100 Series

Voice Evacuation – E3 Series®

Voice Evacuation – Audio Systems

Conventional Devices – Detectors

Conventional Devices – Pull Stations

Notification Appliances – Audible/Visual (System Sensor)

Notification Appliances – Notification (Cooper-Wheelock)

Mass Notification Appliances

Installer Information Guides

Conventional Control Panels
Emergency Communications

Addressable Devices – Velociti® Series Sensors

Addressable Devices – Velociti™ Series Modules

Addressable Devices – SmartScan™ and Gamewell Modules

Addressable Devices – XP Sensors

Addressable Devices – XP Modules

Aspiration Sensing - System Sensor Systems

Aspiration Sensing - VESDA Devices

Addressable Devices – HFS/HPS Series

Power Supplies



Gas Detection

ATI Systems