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Gamewell-FCI offers technologies unique to the fire industry from the ubiquitous red Masterbox to sophisticated distributed network fire alarm technology.

Mass Notification
We think of fire safety systems in an entirely new light, and the broader term “emergency notification” has become a greater priority in evacuation. Mere fire alarms are no longer enough.

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Recognized as an American icon with its familiar red, cottage shell, the Gamewell Masterbox is universally understood and immediately identifies the specific location of a reported fire alarm.

Gamewell-FCI is the only manufacturer that supplies new Gamewell Masterboxes. These units are the only Masterboxes that are UL Listed.

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Digital Network Audio
When it comes to Distributed Network Fire Alarm Technology, NetSOLO™ Broadband stands alone.

Learn about the advanced technology that goes into NetSOLO Broadband products.

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