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Safety Bulletins:

GWF-7075 Potential Communication Issue

Date: 1/16/20


  • Potential communication issue between the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and the central monitoring station
  • Restricted to the GWF-7075 Fire Alarm Control Panel operating with firmware v6.0.17 or lower
  • ACTION REQUIRED: All GWF-7075 Fire Alarm Control Panels operating with firmware version 6.0.17 or lower to upgrade firmware to version 6.0.20 or higher
  • This is not a recall

Issue: Gamewell-FCI has identified a potential safety issue that under certain circumstances the FACP noted above may not communicate alarm and trouble conditions to the central monitoring station; however, the FACP communicates alarm and trouble conditions locally as fire detection and local notification are not affected. Action has been taken to eliminate this potential issue and FACPs built after the date code range below or with installed firmware revision 6.0.20 or higher are not affected.

GWF-7075 FACPs operating with firmware version 6.0.17 or lower were manufactured between April 2018 and June 2019 [date codes 1418 to 2319].

Please visit Gamewell-FCI ESD Downloads section to download of the latest panel firmware and programming software.

We appreciate your business and continued support of Gamewell-FCI products and apologize for the inconvenience.

PDF Version of Safety Bulletin

ASD-PL3-IV Series Photoelectric Detectors Operating in CLIP Protocol

Date: 6/21/19


Model of Product: ASD-PL3-IV (Photo in Classic Ivory), ASD-PL3R-IV (Photo Remote Test in Classic Ivory), ASD-PTL3-IV (Photo Thermal in Classic Ivory) detectors manufactured from March 30, 2018 to January 14, 2019 (date codes 8034 to 9013), operating in CLIP mode and connected to the S3 Series or E3 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels are affected.

Hazard: ASD-PL3-IV, ASD-PL3R-IV, ASD-PTL3-IV detectors operating in CLIP mode and connected to the S3 Series or E3 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP). This specified configuration will not properly indicate or annunciate a fire alarm condition in certain fire scenarios such as a fast, flaming fire.

Remedy: Detectors used in the above specified configuration should be replaced immediately through your factory authorized Engineered System Distributor (ESD).

If you have any questions regarding this bulletin, please contact Gamewell-FCI Technical Services at 1-800-274-4324 or

Click Here for the CPSC Announcement​​​​