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  • ​Several miles outside of Las Vegas, Nev., Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) serves as the home and a major training site for two historically significant flying units: the 64th and 65th Aggressor squadrons (AGRS). During the Cold War, this group of highly trained pilots flew an assortment of Russian-made MiG aircraft (sometimes covertly obtained) to decipher the actions of potential enemies of the United States Air Force.​​

  • A 13-story Atlanta mid-rise with high-security office space, training and data centers – owned by a confidential, mission critical client – is now outfitted with an E3 Series fire alarm and emergency communication system (ECS) from Gamewell-FCI that includes an emergency phone system on its own, dedicated fire alarm circuit for enhanced survivability.​

  • The EVAC system chosen for this installation was that of the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation system, manufactured by Gamewell-FCI. Its modular design enabled Creed’s fire technicians to build the system as large or small as needed while allowing for easy expansion or reconfiguration down the road. This can be especially helpful when the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) requires additional protection when future remodeling takes place.​

  • ​RI (Rhode Island) has historically been one of the most rigorous states in the nation when it comes to fire protection. Despite this track record, 100 people lost their lives in a tragic nightclub fire in West Warwick, RI, in 2003. Since that time, RI fire officials and lawmakers have worked to further tighten the state’s stringent fire protection laws.​​

  • ​Fire detection and fire control functions are major considerations when it comes to sports arenas and other places of public assembly. In recent years it has become painfully obvious to civil authorities and private-sector stakeholders that voice evacuation systems specified today should do more than direct people to the nearest point of egress.​​

  • ​The Westchester Fairfield Hebrew Academy, located in Greenwich, Conn., provides education for 200 students ranging from kindergarten through the eighth grade. The Academy shares its 19-acre campus with the Greenwich Japanese School, which educates approximately 180 coeds in the same age range. The campus recently invested more than $3 million in capital improvements to restore 16 buildings and upgrade to the latest security and life safety systems.

  • ​Thirty years ago, Onondaga County in upstate New York, opened the Van Duyn Home & Hospital (VDHH) Residential Health Care Facility. As the only county-run nursing home in Onondaga County, its seven floors and 513 beds offer much-needed care for residents of Syracuse and the surrounding areas. The facility’s property includes one main building, where all residents live, and two small outbuildings for auxiliary services.

  • ​Now that a new fi re alarm and emergency communications system is up and running at Phoenix’s 30-acre GateWay Community College campus, Director of Facilities Charlie Poure can breathe a big sigh of relief.​​

  • ​The USPS (United States Postal Service) Processing and Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas is part of a national network of mechanized bulk mail centers that process first class letters and parcels. This 439,959 square foot facility sorts and routes an average of 4.3 million pieces of mail each day from Dallas out to the entire world.​​​

  • ​When your facility is comprised of a variety of different entities, each with different safety needs and each governed by unique safety codes, your fire safety system needs to be a quick thinker: both decisive and responsive.​

  • ​Life safety is extremely important in hospital environments due to the large majority of occupants who may not be able to fend for themselves in an evacuation situation. This is especially true of large multiple-building campuses where the lives of hundreds of patients could be in jeopardy if a fire were to go unnoticed for even a small period of time.

  • The Grundfos-Indianapolis manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Ind., was in need of a fire alarm upgrade. Initially, the plant intended to get a code-compliant, addressable fi re alarm system with horns and strobes for notification, capable of covering the site’s 300,000 square-feet of offices and manufacturing space.​​

  • ​Lexus of North Miami is a Florida-based, high-end auto retailer offering an assortment of elaborate amenities intended to support the lifestyle of the dealership’s patrons. Built and owned by the Craig Zinn Automotive Group of Hollywood, Florida, the five-story, 1.2 million square-foot facility has an estimated construction value of more than $70 million.​​

  • Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, an upscale, urban residential/healthcare facility located in Falls Church, Virginia, consists of a 360,000 square foot, 12-floor tower where more than 350 retirees conduct their daily lives.​

  • ​The severity and frequency of recent occurrences such as Hurricane Katrina, September 11 terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, Khobar Tower have led policy-makers in key organizations, as well as state and federal lawmakers, to realize that good planning and an effective means of mass notification can be crucial to the survival of large numbers of people.​​